VRDa1 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. V = We
  2. R = Are
  3. Da = The
  4. 1 = One
  1. Click on the link provided by your sponsor.
  2. You will be on your VRDa1-sponsor’s Business Website. Now click on “Register” Button on the top-right side of the screen.
  3. Fill the form. Your Free signup is completed. Please make sure you enter your name as per your passport.
  1. Once your personal VRDa1 business back-office website is set-up, go to the top right side of the website and click on Blue Button ‘Activate My Membership’.
  2. By using a Voucher Pin-code, you can activate your Website.
  3. Your Voucher Pin-code will be sent to you by your sponsor after payment is received through an agreed available channel.
  1. Once you login to your business website, you will find the option ‘Shop’ in your back-office.
  2. Select Property Point/s you want to buy and add to Cart.
  3. You can use different payment options and check out.
  4. Once purchased, your Property Point Certificate (soft) will appear on your back-office.
  5. You may ask for a hard copy certificate by mail.
  1. It’s very simple and easy. Property point is a property and you can sell and purchase it online with our back-office system and as per the stipulated escrow period.
  2. You can sell it on our internal property exchange. (to be launched soon).
  3. You can sell it to anyone out of the exchange if you wish in coordination with our staff to help you manage your Sale or Transfer Deed (after the stipulated Escrow period).
  4. You may ask for a hard copy certificate by mail.
  1. Depending on your Product Pack you bought. Minimum Escrow time is 6 months.

VRDa1 offers you multiple ways of income:

  1. Your own investment in VRDa1 Properties and the REIT model set up for VRDa1, and earning a Direct Commission.
  2. Referral or recommendation of People in joining the community or network and buying through your Property Network allows you to earn Team Commissions.
  3. Start achieving Ranks and earn Special Cash Bonuses, Travel Bonus and Property Bonus by growing the your network and supporting its growth.
  4. Rental Income: You will receive rental income on the points in your property ledger. (it could be monthly, quarterly, or yearly)
  1. Bank Payment.
  2. BTC
  3. Credit Card (coming soon).
  4. Cash Voucher Pin Code conversion.
  1. In your Personal Bank Account.
  2. Your BTC wallet.
  3. Convert your income into Cash Vouchers Pin Codes to be sold to joining references.
  1. You can order a chargeable physical copy of your property certificate.
  1. You can visit the property of interest.
  2. You can see the complete brochure on our website / your website.(coming soon).
  3. check for more information from you upline/the person who referred you to the business.
  1. There is a section in your back office. Project Updates area, where you can see the updates regarding your property progress. (coming soon)
  1. Yes you will receive the Rental Revenue.

VRDa1 Vibes:

  1. That’s our monthly global webinar where we share latest updates and news regarding business and industry and give opportunity to our members to interact with the management.
  2. VRDa1 introduced a soft newsletter for its global network.
  1. ‘VRDa1 Trainings’ will provide you a complete set of trainings where you will learn all the aspects of the business and personal development coaching.
  2. Your upline will assist and guide you on the process and trainings too.
  1. It varies based on your commitment levels and hard work. You can earn your first US$1000 in 2 weeks time if you focus enough and are able to create sales in your group by following the guidelines of your upline and the trainings extended.
  1. Having a membership of VRDa1 will enable you to be a part of world’s most vibrant innovative and motivated community of people.
    • It will allow you to set up your 2nd or main income depending on your levels of commitment to the business.
      • VRDa1 enables you to join a unique global REIT system to earn and grow your potential income.
    • VRDa1 enables you to Own your very own property while building business.
  1. By joining VRDa1 you will become an Independent Real Estate Consultant / Associate.
  2. You do not need any license. (we are in recommendation business, you just recommend our property and rest of the management is done by the company and its affiliates of the REIT fund management system).
  1. Yes, we have (coming soon in member back office).

VRDa1 is a commercial concept based on a fusion of 3 solid industries. Real Estate and mass commercial reach are the basis of the VRDa1 business model. The commercial reach is based on reference marketing; a concept that has been in existence for many years globally. The hybrid product that VRDa1 bases its model on is a unique product with multiple income channels for the prospects willing to associate with VRDa1. This whole model is backed up by a training system that leverage on duplication and allows VRDa1 associates to grow globally.

Waqas was working on the Idea from past few years and in 2019 with the help of Mr. Mahfooz they laid the foundation of VRDa1.

Our Vision Statement is:

“Empowering People Globally to build their own lifestyle and live the ultimate dreams”

Yes this is an enabler to the social enterprise and our mission statement depicts that:

“Combining the powers of Three giant industries (Real Estate, Information Technology and Direct Selling) to provide our partners and customers an opportunity for financial growth and to Empower them to contribute for the Betterment of humanity

Yes, we are using the Direct Selling Marketing Model.

Loyalty Property Points.

There is no comparison of VRDa1 with traditional MLM companies due to it’s hybrid system.

We chose REIT mainly because of its transparency, solid returns and professional approach.

The primary investment will be in high quality income generating residential, commercial assets in the different potential regions across the globe. The secondary regions will be emerging markets such as India, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, African Region.

For a full explanation of VRDa1 REIT, Please follow VRDa1 Youtube Channel for a full explanation of the below set of Q’s on REIT).

  • Corporate Head office in Dubai, UAE.
  • Operations Head Office in Istanbul, Turkey.


VRDa1 acquired at the moment 32000 Sq Ft of the project.

Our Licensed setup in Dubai, UAE, and Financial management Co (SKYCAP) are the pillars behind this unique setup.

VRDa1 is a regulated business with a proper fund management company in his corporate structure.

Property products are valid until they are in the possession of the owner.

The assets are revalued by the 3rd party valuer either quarterly, by annual or yearly. These 3rd party valuers in UAE are Savills, Knight Frank, Cbre, Jll and others.

REITS are regulated financial instruments world wide. VRDa1 is a company who created a unique hybrid system of REIT, Marketing and Sales.

UAE Law allows you to own a property on your passport. Complete paper work is based on your passport.

There are different kinds of permits available in different countries as per country laws and available properties.

Worth mentioning that VRDa1 is intending to expand its properties world wide to allow a diversified options/choices for its network and appetite of investments.

It depends on the law of the country you reside in.

  • @VRDa1.com
  • PP: Loyalty Property Points
  • BV: Business Volume
  • REIT: Real Estate Investment Trust
  • KYC: Know your customer
  • USP: Unique selling proposition

Please visit our YouTube channel and/or Website and/or FB page.

  • Withdrawal to bank (minimum 500$, maximum 5000$ per transaction).
  • Withdrawal to digital wallet (minimum 200$, no maximum per transaction).

Fund Transfer is allowed downwards only at this time.

  • Vreit transfer is allowed upwards and downwards.
  • Vreit which is transferred used only for purchasing product, can not be cash again.
  • C2C transfer taking from shifted Vreit first.