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Why VRDa1

VRDa1 provides a lucrative opportunity to become a member of a growing community and start your own working in Real estate industry from anywhere around the world with a proven business model. A low cost and low risk phenomena in the times of economic recession when other organizations and start ups are either no more workable or stagnant. This idea revolves around "work from anywhere" where you can start
functioning as long as you have a smartphone, laptop, and WiFi.


Real Estate is here

Real estate historically has delivered competitive advantages based on high, steady and long-term benefits. Competitive market performance, transparency and inflation protection make it more lucrative and easy to comprehend. VRDa1 is making it more simple for its members to learn and get engaged with this industry.


Strategic location

VRDa1 is stationed at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Middle-Easts providing easy access to many of the world’s fastest emerging markets. The people in the back-office carry unprecedented yet global experience in assessments, evaluations and selection of Real estate activities, trainings and offers. With VRDa1, Maps are not the limitations.


Ease of Mind

Gain new skill sets and techniques by attending professional trainings, meeting experienced people and challenge yourself to help you earn a fortune. An opportunity that can be beneficial to be mentored or mentor another. VRDa1 is so set to provide advice and guidance to members who are looking to advance in their lives and ready for new perspectives.

About VRDa1

A combined experience of over 100 years in Sales, Marketing, Business Management and Networking, VRDa1 started with three core actions : Own, Share, Grow. The marketing company has successfully operating in over 20 countries prides itself on providing members with core real-estate Learning and implementation for not only themselves but for their families. Created with core Business Standards, VRDa1 is an entrepreneurship program for individuals who wish a smart lifestyle and to enable their financial freedom. It will create a unique and robust method to own and live their dreams in reality.

VRDa1 is all about making lives happier and improving overall well-being. Promises have been promises but real Wealth is never gained by accident. The right mindset and Community can over-ride the odds. People who have been wining in the world possess some specific traits which are synonymous across the board.

The real key to success is hidden in the word LEVERAGE. No day job can bring a fortune to people except when any leverage is added. Leverage to a supreme level. People ask the difference between ordinary people and the successful people in the world. The biggest difference and the CHANGE they bring to themselves is that they become part of a progressive community of entrepreneurs which not only provide ideas, opportunities and leverage but also a positive mind-set to keep moving forward.

So if you’re already part of a community with these traits, great!! If not, this is the place for you.


Tax Advatages

Tax Advantages on rental
and sales of property

Highest Rental Yields

Amongst the highest rental
yields in the world.

World Economic Forum’s

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 2019-2020.

Extra luxury space

Extra luxury space per square foot compared to Strong regulatory authority Opportunity to Own Properties around the world


Strong regulatory


Opportunity to Own Properties
around the world

What We Do

Entrepreneurship has been proven to be one of the best and most cost effective ways to market yourself and propel you to new highs. With little or no knowledge, joining VRDA1 is a great way to not only to develop a great real estate knowledge and learning edge but also to be part of unique community to help youself grow faster.


Latest Projects

League of Legends


Waqas Suhail

A Globally acknowledged Person in the industry with 24 years of extensive experience of the Direct Selling industry, having worked and operated at Vice President level in Sales Operations; creating and managing new markets, as diverse as Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Russia and Turkey as well as the Middle East.


Mahfooz Elahi

People call him real-action-hero, the Go getter, which explains everything about him. Proven sales professional with 19 years of experience in Direct Sales and entrepreneurship. Consistently earned top ranks in the field of real estate, construction and commodity sales by building relationship that provide value.


Hussain Al Lawati

People are in need of a direction to go for their dreams and that is where he is really Good at; From Managing Director, Al-Futtaim Oman he is always considered a source of light for millions. An accomplished and visionary Senior Management and Leadership acumen with 20 years of experience in innovative strategies and management in FMCG, Oil & Gas, Telco, Auto and Consumer electronics


Mohammad Othman

A chemical engineer by profession but his inspirations and urge to Win-and-Let-other-Win brought him into Direct Marketing business in 2001. A mark of success and motivation in some great organizations and badged as vice president, Top Team lead of most successful groups as well as Top trainer. This has been reflected through his efforts by retaining teams in more than 85 countries.


M. Faisal Suhail

His 24 years of career comprised on working with top global brands like Ogilvy & Mather, British American Tobacco, British Petroleum, Lotte etc. He carries a global portfolio in the domain of Business Strategy, Market insights, Marketing, Brand Management and Communication mapping over Middle east and south Asia in strategy, Trade Communication and advertising.



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