Everything you need to know about VRDa1

The real Wealth is never gained by accident. The right mind-set and a like-minded-community can over-ride the odds. People who have been wining in the world possess some specific traits which are synonymous across the board.

VRDa1 is an entrepreneurship program for individuals who wish a smart lifestyle and to enable their financial freedom. It will create a unique and robust method to own and live their dreams in reality.

Product is the key

The company believes in the product which is in profits; from pyramids to any 1 room studio apartment in the world; that is real estate. The projects which are already underway are in Dubai, Mozambique and Turkey.

The attribute or the game they love to play is the game of leverage. No day job can bring a fortune to people except when any leverage is added. Leverage to a supreme level.




The Presence

Conceived from the global place for the people around the globe, VRDa1 has established its Head office in the most diversified city of the world, Istanbul, Turkey. It is just to have prompt presence and strong penetration across both the Oceans.

The company also keeps a prompt visibility in all the potential destinations which are lucrative for the Real Estate business. This phenomenon is already in place by having active offices in Turkey, Dubai, Pakistan, Egypt and Congo.





With the promise of following all the local laws and legalities, the company is aiming to present itself in 5 new countries every year.