Leadership Summit 2021 Antalya

The grandest event of VRDa1, a convention of inspirational global leaders, an international extravaganza ; Leadership Summit 2021 Antalya, was held in the heart of Asia, Turkey. The event commenced from 25th October and came to a successful and fulfilling end on 28th October. Inspiring leaders from all over the world came together to motivate, share and uplift each other. 

With the onslaught of pandemic, everything came to a standstill. Trainings sessions, workshops, meetings, global gatherings, purposeful and positive networking, all of it came to a halt. Life as we know changed its course and seemingly doors of opportunity took a turn for worse for many of us. But leaders of VRDa1 kept striving together.

So when the world resumed a pace of normalcy post pandemic, an event was quintessentially required where everyone could gather together and celebrate their journey of success and learning. And in person gathering was necessary for everyone to see each other face to face, get acquainted with each other. Share that positive energy and vibe and all of their impactful learnings .

And so it began! After months and months of rigorous event preparations. The day finally came when all these super humans came together and celebrated their success and their journey.

This was an event where leaders were acknowledged for their tireless efforts in supporting each other and for their continuous contributions towards the growth of VRDa1. At this incredible gathering, leaders were recognized for their hard work and were befittingly rewarded for it. This  event was a celebration of coming together and surviving the troublesome period of pandemic.

The event was also a keen way to reiterate the vision, mission and the values of VRDa1,  directly from the directors of the organization where they emphasized about the philosophy of the company.

One of the most integral element of VRDa1 was revived during this event - their on ground powerful and dynamic training sessions and workshops. With the pandemic, all trainings were done online but with this event, this influential avenue was revived and was met with great enthusiasm. These are motivational and inspiring sessions for its members to upscale their learnings and an opportunity for the mentors to share their immense knowledge. An incredible session was facilitated by a world class trainer from ‘Malaysia” to provide people with first hand experience on some amazing and updated techniques to improve their lives.

Another grand milestone was celebrated during this event - the inauguration of the VRDa1 Turkey Office. A new beginning! Cementing VRDa1 with more strength and vigour! VRDa1  launched its office in Istanbul, Turkey. So that they  could provide their partners & customers an opportunity for financial growth and empowering them with the ability to contribute for the humanity.

The 3 day event was a celebration of the resilient human spirit and its magnanimous capabilities. Not only did the global leaders get a chance to learn and network with the best group of people, they also experienced a well deserved break and extravagant celebrations at their finest.

The pandemic came and took a hard run at everyone, but at VRDa1, it only made their resolve stronger to grow and accelerate further. To carve out their own destiny and the path to it's success. And now that the pandemic is almost over, we can expect many more ground breaking and successful events from VRDa1. Events where learning, growth and success are shared disciplines. Events where lives are transformed, new ways are explored for better contribution to humanity at large and more meaningful and impactful learnings are imparted.