Break Through In Baku '22

The most future & global centric event of VRDa1, a gathering of inspirational leaders from around the world, a true global extravaganza ; Break Through In Baku'22 was held amidst loftiest lands of Eurasia, Baku and super progressive lands of arabia - Abu Dhabi.

The event commenced from 22nd March and came to a successful and fulfilling end on 30th March.

The event was a week long celebration and a gathering of like minded individuals that steadfastly believe in progressing together. Nevertheless, it came with its own unique set of challenges. It was not an easy task to set base for an event in an unexplored land and chart the challenges of prominent language barriers. But the universe favours those who strive for collective betterment and The Marriot Hotel in Baku proved to be god sent help. They were fantastic hosts to VRDa1's spectacular events and its international guests.

VRDa1 celebrated and acknowledged its amazing leaders who had flown in from all over the world. It was a surreal experience to witness inspirational entities from 17 countries under one roof.

The colossal conference not only celebrated and recognised the amazing achievements by its incredible leaders , but also became the launching pad for its most recent venture - DaMeta1, a global futuristic training academy, built for the future and designed to help you build your future.

The gallant event had many informative and transformative sessions and was followed by a day of sight seeing tour around the scenic Baku, a beautiful blend of natural landscape and futuristic architecture.

After successfully concluding its leg in Baku, Break Through continued in Abu Dhabi for its esteemed guests from Africa and U.A.E.

Incredible leaders from Africa and U.A.E were imparted with life changing sessions and were also taken on VRDa1's prime real estate portfolio visit. The portfolio consists of prime properties across U.A.E.

The event spanned across two different countries with leaders joining from around the world. Their zest and zeal to grow and to progress was an extraordinary vision to witness.

At the end of the day, from any event, its not the materialistic objects people take back but the ample of memories of how well they were treated, celebrated and acknowledged. People join in from around the world because they find their journey with VRDa1 community purposeful and that of non stop learning.

VRDa1 looks forward to hosting many more such life changing events for its esteemed community members.

At VRDa1 the goal is forever  to own , share and grow and that it keeps reflecting with its achievements time and again. It is what has won the trust of its members and it is this promise of ever growing success that keeps the members coming back for more.